De la represión al exilio en busca de justicia

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a NOT FREE country, know the histories...

Serious human rights violations by the Venezuelan state continue to go unpunished, with no investigations nor condemnations of the chains of command, the real perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.

More than 480 violations per year, 260 political prisoners, 15,000 arbitrary detentions…

Read the real stories of Venezuelans forced into exile and seeking justice.

“I stopped being another simple citizen to become a political objective”

Saverio Vivas

Community Leader

"This is a case for which I will continue to fight until true justice is served"

Waleska Pérez

Wife of Murdered Captain Rafael Acosta Arevalo

“Doing Journalism in Venezuela is a risk”

Manuel Fajardo

Editor in Chief  Canal Digital VPI Tv

"I know that they are not going to give me my son back, but at least I’m going to breathe a sigh of relief and feel that peace in my son’s case, justice will be served."

Zulymar Villegas

Mother of César Pereira Killed in protests 2017

“I had to leave my country, my live, because, in order to preserve it, because Let's be clear, being in prison in Venezuela is the same as being dead”

Ramón Aguilar

Lawyer for the family of  Councilman Fernando Albán

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